The entrepreneur Saul Mishkin lives in Florida. He is happily married and he and his wife have five children. Endurance sports is his personal passion and he says he really loves challenging himself to always be pushing up to the next level. He envisioned in 2013 what would later end up becoming his company ‘Omeals’ in 2015.

Fully Cooked, Healthy Prepared Meals

Given that Mr. Mishkin is a sports enthusiast, he started a company that produces food that is ready to eat and perfect for various outdoor activities in addition to emergency situations. The food has been designed to specifically offer wholesome nutrition but have a very long shelf life as well. These meals have been designed specifically for civilians to use and as an alternative to MREs.

The meals are self-heating and designed to be as much like home style meals as they possibly can be in ready to eat packages you can prepare within minutes. The meals have been designed to be affordable, nutritional, convenient and portable. They were designed originally for sports enthusiasts who frequently are in sitations where they need to eat but don’t have the option of cooking.

Omeals Future Plans

It is Saul Mishkin’s mission to have Omeals become the top food choice for practically every outdoor activity as well as for everybody to carry them in the trunk of their vehicles in the event there is an emergency. They are specifically made for the convenience and enjoyment of outdoors people. However, they are also the ideal solution in case there is an emergency as well as for anybody who is on the go.

Advice For Entrepreneurs Who Are Within The Start-Up Phase

The advice from Mr. Mishkin to young entrepreneurs is for them to focus on their resilience and strength and commit to working hard. He suggests they try doing more every day and focus on being good team players. He also states that it is important for all entrepreneurs to push themselves beyond everything they think is possible and just choose to make things happen.

It is challenging being an entrepreneur, however that is the reason that we do it in the first place. Keep in mind that no matter how difficult things may get, in the end everything will be all right. If things are not all right then just remember it isn’t the end yet.

You can read more about Saul here and you can find more about Omeals here.


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