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Appellate Court overturns Judge Adelman’s dismissal of charge

June 30, 2010

Court document – “Although First Amendment speech protections are far-reaching, there are limits… …So, whether or not the First Amendment protects White’s right to post personal information about Juror A first turns on his intent in posting that information. If White’s intent in posting Juror A’s personal information was to request that one of his readers harm Juror A, then the crime of solicitation would be complete. No act needed to follow, and no harm needed to befall Juror A. If, on the other hand, White’s intent was to make a political point about sexual orientation or to facilitate opportunities for other people to make such views known to Juror A, then he would not be guilty of solicitation because he did not have the requisite intent required for the crime. White argues that NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware Co., 458 U.S. 886 (1982), stands for the proposition that the only permissible view of his posting is to see it as a constitutionally protected expression and subject to the Brandenburg test. In Claiborne, black citizens of Claiborne County, Mississippi, sent a letter to white merchants with a list of particularized demands for racial equality and integration. After receiving an unsatisfactory response, they began a boycott that lasted years. Several of the white merchants sued members of the boycott to recover losses and enjoin further boycott activity, and won. The Mississippi Supreme Court upheld liability as to 92 participants by finding that members had agreed to use force, violence and threats to ensure compliance with the boycott, but the Supreme Court reversed, holding that an individual could not be held liable for his mere association with an organization whose members engage in illegal acts. Id. at 920. Claiborne primarily focused on the constitutionality of group-based liability, but it also concluded that Charles Evers, the field secretary of the NAACP and chief proponent of the boycott at the time, could not be held liable based on his “emotionally charged rhetoric.” Id. at 928. In speeches given before and during the boycott, Evers stated that there would be “discipline” coming to those who did not participate in the boycott, and that any “uncle toms” would “have their necks broken.” Id. at 900 n.28. …White’s argument boils down to this: his posting was not a solicitation and because it is not a solicitation, it is speech deserving of First Amendment protection. The government sees the posting in the opposite light: the posting and website constitute a solicitation and as such, fall outside the parameters of First Amendment protection…”

From the SPLC blog, July 23, 2009 [Bill White] had been scheduled for trial in Chicago next month, but U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman this week dismissed the indictment charging White with soliciting harm against the juror… “The posting of personal information about an individual involved in a judicial proceeding, even under circumstances that are intimidating or unsettling, cannot, absent a true threat or an incitement to imminent lawless action, be criminalized consistent with the First Amendment,” wrote Adelman in the 35-page decision.

The Plot Against Bill White

June 9, 2010

Bill White
posted this on VNN Forum in October 2008, shortly before his arrest. As we now know, Bill White was arrested and found guilty on some other (trumped-up) charges, the Obama issue never came out, and a number of the people mentioned in this post have also been arrested or put under investigation/harassment by the FBI and other agencies.

“I actually tried to post this on VNN to keep the “white community” up to date on a very important sequence of events, but apparently was moderated several times. This thread may be moderated, too, who knows.

Everything I have had to say on this has been copied here by various persons, so I won’t say any more.

Unfortunately, this thread shows the worst side of VNN — people rambling on calling other people “feds”, claiming I’m “mentally ill”, one person (on another, related thread), claiming I’m “bisexual” — all the nonsense that the moderators allow in favor and instead of good sense.

For the past year I have suffered through dozens of federal efforts to shut down my activities and the activities of the ANSWP, most of which have never made the press, while the actual federal informers who control almost every other white organization on the internet slander and smear me.

The federal attack on the ANSWP has been multi-faceted — bogus grand jury investigations, administrative complaints, IRS audits, Treasury actions, bogus search warrants, physical threats of violence from fed-controlled “white power” skinheads, slanders from fed-controlled antif — its an amazing thing, and to be in the middle of it and to see it all, and then to come here where a lot of people who have never done anything worth investigating sit stewing in paranoia and slander, is disappointing.

We will have all of our server equipment back from the FBI by the end of the week. Overthrow will hopefully return next week. I was taking a short three-day-weekend vacation, and while I did briefly return to Roanoke just to check on the safety of my home, I was not willing to throw the whole weekend away just to back up and running with the website at any cost.

This raid was paired with raids on several of our friends in Europe and several other abusive and harassing actions. What I have seen from the FBI and learned about their activities disgusts me in a profound way. Not being and having never been a criminal, I am shocked at the criminal acts the federal government committed and was willing to have committed in order to further their goal of entrapping me.

I am absolutely convinced that not only Matt Hale, but also Ron Edwards, and, likely, Tom Metzger and others, going back decades, have been entrapped using the exact same playbook that was attempted and failed against the ANSWP. By choosing not to encourage violence and not to recruit criminals, I was able to keep the feds from getting anything they could latch their fingers into.

In my case, I know that the following individuals have given false testimony against me, and / or made false complaints to the federal government about my activities:

Tim Bland
Michael Blevins
Justin Boyer

The following individuals assisted in recruiting these three:

Matthew Ramsey, aka Jim Ramm
Hal Turner

And the informers from the Edwards trial, namely:

Joshua Cowles, aka James Edwards
and the fellow — Matthew Roberts, I believe — in Cleveland

have assisted in activites directed against Michael Burks.

Matthew Ramsey has additionally assisted in directing activites against our Northwest Regional Director, Daniel Jones, and Michael Blevins has reportedly made accusations against our Southern Regional Director, Chris Drake.

Anyone looking at their public statements regarding this case can see their culpability, and I would ask all white activists to judge them by their public statements in this regard.

The American National Socialist Workers Party will triumph, as we have triumphed in every previous case filed against us, and we will triumph because we are innocent.

Those who are saying that I have to be convicted of a crime and sent to prison before they will believe I am “not a federal informer” are as insane and disgusting as those who have bragged of their role in this investigation, and I would ask the white nationalist community to treat them as such.

I can be reached, as always, at

The Obama issue of the magazine will ship and be distributed as planned.

Bill White transferred to FCI Beckley

April 30, 2010

Updated, December 2010.

Bill White is now at the MCC in Chicago for hearings on the The USA vs. William White (the previously dismissed “Matthew Hale Juror A” charge). His release date is January 18th, 2011.

Write to him at:

William A White #13888-084
Metropolitan Correctional Center
71 W Van Buren St
Chicago, IL 60605

According to the BOP inmate finder Bill White has been transferred from Roanoke City Jail to Beckley. I think he might be in the camp, but I’m not sure.

Register #13888-084
32-White-M 12-26-2010

The Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Beckley is a medium security facility housing male inmates. An adjacent satellite camp houses minimum security inmates.
FCI Beckley is located in Raleigh County, West Virginia, approximately 51 miles southeast of Charleston, and 136 miles northwest of Roanoke, Virginia.
Judicial District: Southern West Virginia

The Beckley phone number is (304) 252-9758.

Video here from local news station WSET on Bill White’s sentence:

The talking head wonders if Bill White learned anything. Well, I can tell you the snivel rights lady Brenda Hale didn’t learn anything. Did the government prove that Bill White was commanding other people to carry out violent acts? Wake up, Brenda!

Bill White filed a Motion for a New Trial on Count 5 [Kathleen Kerr] on April 12th and a Notice of Appeal on April 22nd. (More on this coming soon.) He won’t be getting out of the concentration camp any earlier, but he is trying to clear his name. Bill maintains that internet postings are free speech protected under the law, therefore, White was convicted for lawful acts on Charge 5. This is an important point, not just for Bill White, but for all internet users. Mark Potok, Morris Dees and all the rest of those speech crimes bastards don’t want you to be upset when you find out that what goes for Nazi Bill White goes for you, too. You may be thrown in jail for internet postings, someday, if they get away with this.