FAQ on William White: the Vishnu stuff and “What about the reptiles?”

More from Frequently Asked Questions about Bill White, by William A. White:


A. Modern National Socialism understands the world from the perspective of what is called Radical Traditionalism. Traditionalism looks for the kernels of the original Aryan religion in the fragments found in modern and ancient religions.

In some variants of the Hindu faith, Brahma, the creator of the world, sits with Vishnu in his right hand and Shiva in his left. Vishnu preserves and restores the order Brahma created, Shiva, who is time, destroys that order in dance and in his marriage to Kali, the goddess of death.

The Barnes Review [in 2012] published an article I wrote on Savitri Devi which summarizes this belief system. [Bill's first book] Centuries of Revolution also summarizes this another way.

The belief in Tradition and the spiritual meaning of Adolf Hitler is what separates National Socialism from so-called “white supremacy.” I also find that Tradition is the one thing that separates posers – government informants, opportunists, and fakes – from legitimate white activists and real NS believers. When I meet people who cannot discuss Julius Evola and Savitri Devi, I know they are not serious National Socialists. Some maybe trying to become serious – they read Evola and Devi – but most are fakes.

The government and opportunists always approach white groups from an ignorant, characterized perspective. They have no use for white spirituality – and so their agents can never express it.

This one fact has greatly reduced the time I’ve spent in prison. LOL.


A. This wasn’t meant to be a FAQ on doctrine, so I haven not gone into great detail on what I believe. If you want to understand National Socialism, you should read two books: one, Julius Evola’s Revolt Against the Modern World and, two, Savitri Devi’s Lightning and the Sun. Note there are abridged and unabridged versions of Devi – the unabridged is much better.

I have written two books:

1. Centuries of Revolution: Democracy, Communism, Zionism – this book, as one reader said, is an outline of a much greater book he hopes I will write. Centuries is an overview of how traditional European ways of living were replaced by, first, democratic capitalism, and second, socialist slave-states It is, in my opinion, an evil and hopeless book. However, people have universally loved it, the US government and the media have generally responded with ad hominums against me rather that criticism. (For instance, I took Middle Egyptian at Indiana University and got an “A” – but the Roanoke Times has said it is “ridiculous” that anyone could read Egyptian – though the language was deciphered 200 years ago.) The book has Spanish and Romanian editions pending, and I am hoping to prepare a Second Edition for next year.

2.Tradition of the Mother: the Aryan and Non-Aryan in the Near East and Europe 3000 B.C.-1000 A.D. – getting Centuries published was hard. This book has led to actual threats against the publisher, and has now changed publishers three times. Poison Pen Publishing [released it in 2012]. Centuries begins with the origins of the Jewish people, and this book explores those origins and the civilizations that came before them in greater detail. Some of its chapters began as scholarly papers I wrote for classes, some as magazine articles, and some I wrote to tie them all together, but the focus of Tradition is on the civilization of the Great Mother, which was based in Crete and Southern Anatolia, its influence on the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, the Semites of the Near East, the Aryan invaders, the Italian peninsula, and the ancient North – and particularly on the goddesses of those cultures and archetypes of femininity. My interest in this began when the government drugged me in prison and had me talking with demons, but this book has 700 footnotes and extensive documentation.

[Deleted here, info on three chapters Bill wrote for a third book.] If I could do nothing else with my time, I would study Germanic myth and finish my edition of Saxo Grammaticus’ Gesta Danorum.

I also write for The Barnes Review. Usually, I write what I’m assigned; sometimes I pick the topics. Since 2012, TBR has published essays I’ve written on Captain Cook and the Templar Treasure, on King Arthur, on Savitri Devi, on the Hittites, on Viking longships in North America, on Sviatoslav the Jew Slayer, on the Etruscans and on Myth and History. The Hittites and the Etruscans were rough drafts of chapters for Tradition; annotated scholarly editions appear in the book. One thing I find interesting is that Arthur and Sviatoslav both appear to be manifestations of the Old Norse god-hero Eric (aka Swipdag, Starkad, and Bod var Biarki, among others) – an observation which may become a future book.

Third, I write for the American Free Press. AFP discontinued me in May out of concern about the federal government, but just bought [comment about Bill White's unpublished "Prison Diaries" deleted here].

And, I have a third book in progress, tentatively titled Serpent’s Blood: the Democratic Revolutions in Britain and France and the Occult. This book is still coming together. It starts with the large number of cultures that picture their founder as a half-human, half-serpent being. These cultures, in the ancient world, tend to relate to the civilization of the Great Mother. Particularly, the book focuses on the mythical birth of the Merovingians from a Quinotaur, and explores the “bloodline” theory of Holy Blood, Holy Grail as an explanation of conflicts within Britain and France in the 11th-18th Centuries. The formation of Masonic and other forms of European occultism, particularly those that emerged from the reintroduction of neo-Platonism by the Medicis is explored, and how this movement interacted, first, in the conflict of the Bourbons (intermarried with the Medicis) and the houses of Lorraine and Guise, and in the Scottish Protestant uprisings, the deposition of the Stuarts and the Hannoverianism succession. This was the beginning of a plot that would fundamentally change Europe, and it did have occult origins – but what wasw the real link to the supposed serpent bloodline?


A. David Icke is right. Sorta.

Actually, David Icke has cobbled together numerous conspiracy theories of dubious value. However, there is something to his general thesis.

In the ancient world, their was an ancient serpent cult. I review its outlines in Centuries and Tradition, without making it the central theme. The modern Jewish faith and “democratic” political movements derive from this ancient serpent cult, and its relatives. Does this reflect a pre-human civilization, or some remnants of other earthly reptiles which survived into the ancient world? I don’t know. I suspect it does. But whether or not any actual reptiles were involved, or interbred with humans, the cult of the serpent was real and widespread in both the Mediterranean and Western Indian Ocean basins.

And, that is not an NS view. ;-D

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      I will try to get some more information about this.

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