Question: Why is Roanoke, Virginia Neo-Nazi Bill White in prison?

See below. Bill White was never charged with making racial slurs (is that a crime?) or with threatening the Virginia Beach Tenants. (Threatening a witness and intimidating a witness are two different crimes.)

Question: Why was Bill White not arrested in 2007 for his actions in 2007?
Answer: It took them a long time to trump up a legal case against him for these actions.

For Immediate Release
April 12, 2010 U.S. Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs
(202) 514-2007/TDD (202) 514-1888
Roanoke, Virginia Neo-Nazi Sentenced for Threats, Witness Intimidation
WASHINGTON—William A. “Bill” White, the self-proclaimed commander of the neo-Nazi group the American National Socialist Workers Party, was sentenced today in federal court for threatening two individuals and for attempting to intimidate litigants in a federal housing discrimination lawsuit, the Justice Department announced.

White was sentenced by U.S. District Judge James C. Turk to 30 months in federal prison. White was also sentenced to three years of supervised release, during which he is prohibited from maintaining a website and using the Internet for employment or for a hobby.

White was convicted in December 2009, for three counts of communicating threats in interstate commerce and one count of witness intimidation. One additional count of conviction for communicating threats in interstate commerce was dismissed by Judge Turk in February 2010.

In December, a jury found White guilty of threatening a bank employee who White mistakenly believed was assigned to handle a financial dispute involving his Citibank accounts. The defendant made dozens of phone calls to Citibank offices in an attempt to identify and locate the victim. White eventually discovered the victim’s office and home telephone numbers and e-mail address, and left voice mails and sent her an e-mail which referenced the murder of a federal judge.

The jury also found White guilty of using intimidation to delay or prevent the testimony of African-American tenants in a discrimination case against their landlord. On May 23, 2007, White mailed letters to the African-American tenants at their Virginia Beach, Va., homes, using the letterhead of the White National Socialist American Working Party, a Nazi swastika and White’s signature and title. The letters read, in part: “I do not know [name redacted] but I do know your type of slum [racial epithet], and I wanted you to know that your actions have not been missed by the white community…and we know that you are and will never be anything other than a dirty parasite—and that our patience with you and the government that coddles you runs thin.” In addition to the letter, White also included a copy of the ANSWP Magazine titled “The Negro Beast and Why Blacks Who Work Aren’t Worth the Cost of Welfare.” The letter and magazine were sent directly to the children of one of the victims.

White was also convicted for making threats to a university administrator who was responsible for implementing a diversity program. On Oct. 31, 2007, White called the victim’s home and office, attempting to verify her home address. White spoke with the victim’s secretary and told her that people like the victim should be hunted down and shot. [I BELIEVE BILL WHITE DENIES HE MADE THIS PHONE CALL] Later that morning, White posted the victim’s personal information on various websites. Included in the postings was the text, “Go to their homes here,” “We shot Marxists sixty years ago, we can shoot them again!” and “You know what to do. Get to work!”


Okay, Bill IS in prison for thought crimes and unauthorized use of free speech, but that’s not what he was charged with.

Bill White Targeted for Words, Not Deeds by Willis Carto and Michael Collins Piper, American Free Press

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5 Responses to “Question: Why is Roanoke, Virginia Neo-Nazi Bill White in prison?”

  1. Tommy D. Says:

    He’ll probably be facing more charges for witness intimidation and harrassment for the letters he is writing from prison, which by the way are violating a court order when posted online.

  2. americafarm Says:

    What court order?

  3. Kent Says:

    Probably this court order: White was also sentenced to three years of supervised release, during which he is prohibited from maintaining a website and using the Internet for employment or for a hobby.

    This also applies to while he is in custody and any third party who posts anything he sends to them is liable for prosecution as well. He won’t be getting out of prison anytime soon, I assure you of that. If he thinks he is gettting out on early release, think again, all these letters from jail will be used against him and especially the ones where he called people federal informants and such, that is Witness Intimidation!

    • americafarm Says:

      Why do you use a bunch of different names Kent = Tommy D? That is childish.

      Bill White is not in supervised release, that’s why I don’t think the internet prohibition applies. Also, I am not him and there is no court order against me. Where’d you get the third party and while in custody stuff?

  4. Colby Taylor Says:

    You aren’t very bright, are you? In custody is more restrictive than surpervised release. You are aiding and abetting Bill White in violating a court order. I think I might just go ahead and send the Roanoke US Attornies office and the FBI an e-mail and we will see what happens when they come knockling on your door!!!!!! hahahaha

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