FAQ on William White: the Vishnu stuff and “What about the reptiles?”

January 21, 2013

More from Frequently Asked Questions about Bill White, by William A. White:


A. Modern National Socialism understands the world from the perspective of what is called Radical Traditionalism. Traditionalism looks for the kernels of the original Aryan religion in the fragments found in modern and ancient religions.

In some variants of the Hindu faith, Brahma, the creator of the world, sits with Vishnu in his right hand and Shiva in his left. Vishnu preserves and restores the order Brahma created, Shiva, who is time, destroys that order in dance and in his marriage to Kali, the goddess of death.

The Barnes Review [in 2012] published an article I wrote on Savitri Devi which summarizes this belief system. [Bill's first book] Centuries of Revolution also summarizes this another way.

The belief in Tradition and the spiritual meaning of Adolf Hitler is what separates National Socialism from so-called “white supremacy.” I also find that Tradition is the one thing that separates posers – government informants, opportunists, and fakes – from legitimate white activists and real NS believers. When I meet people who cannot discuss Julius Evola and Savitri Devi, I know they are not serious National Socialists. Some maybe trying to become serious – they read Evola and Devi – but most are fakes.

The government and opportunists always approach white groups from an ignorant, characterized perspective. They have no use for white spirituality – and so their agents can never express it.

This one fact has greatly reduced the time I’ve spent in prison. LOL.


A. This wasn’t meant to be a FAQ on doctrine, so I haven not gone into great detail on what I believe. If you want to understand National Socialism, you should read two books: one, Julius Evola’s Revolt Against the Modern World and, two, Savitri Devi’s Lightning and the Sun. Note there are abridged and unabridged versions of Devi – the unabridged is much better.

I have written two books:

1. Centuries of Revolution: Democracy, Communism, Zionism – this book, as one reader said, is an outline of a much greater book he hopes I will write. Centuries is an overview of how traditional European ways of living were replaced by, first, democratic capitalism, and second, socialist slave-states It is, in my opinion, an evil and hopeless book. However, people have universally loved it, the US government and the media have generally responded with ad hominums against me rather that criticism. (For instance, I took Middle Egyptian at Indiana University and got an “A” – but the Roanoke Times has said it is “ridiculous” that anyone could read Egyptian – though the language was deciphered 200 years ago.) The book has Spanish and Romanian editions pending, and I am hoping to prepare a Second Edition for next year.

2.Tradition of the Mother: the Aryan and Non-Aryan in the Near East and Europe 3000 B.C.-1000 A.D. – getting Centuries published was hard. This book has led to actual threats against the publisher, and has now changed publishers three times. Poison Pen Publishing [released it in 2012]. Centuries begins with the origins of the Jewish people, and this book explores those origins and the civilizations that came before them in greater detail. Some of its chapters began as scholarly papers I wrote for classes, some as magazine articles, and some I wrote to tie them all together, but the focus of Tradition is on the civilization of the Great Mother, which was based in Crete and Southern Anatolia, its influence on the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, the Semites of the Near East, the Aryan invaders, the Italian peninsula, and the ancient North – and particularly on the goddesses of those cultures and archetypes of femininity. My interest in this began when the government drugged me in prison and had me talking with demons, but this book has 700 footnotes and extensive documentation.

[Deleted here, info on three chapters Bill wrote for a third book.] If I could do nothing else with my time, I would study Germanic myth and finish my edition of Saxo Grammaticus’ Gesta Danorum.

I also write for The Barnes Review. Usually, I write what I’m assigned; sometimes I pick the topics. Since 2012, TBR has published essays I’ve written on Captain Cook and the Templar Treasure, on King Arthur, on Savitri Devi, on the Hittites, on Viking longships in North America, on Sviatoslav the Jew Slayer, on the Etruscans and on Myth and History. The Hittites and the Etruscans were rough drafts of chapters for Tradition; annotated scholarly editions appear in the book. One thing I find interesting is that Arthur and Sviatoslav both appear to be manifestations of the Old Norse god-hero Eric (aka Swipdag, Starkad, and Bod var Biarki, among others) – an observation which may become a future book.

Third, I write for the American Free Press. AFP discontinued me in May out of concern about the federal government, but just bought [comment about Bill White's unpublished "Prison Diaries" deleted here].

And, I have a third book in progress, tentatively titled Serpent’s Blood: the Democratic Revolutions in Britain and France and the Occult. This book is still coming together. It starts with the large number of cultures that picture their founder as a half-human, half-serpent being. These cultures, in the ancient world, tend to relate to the civilization of the Great Mother. Particularly, the book focuses on the mythical birth of the Merovingians from a Quinotaur, and explores the “bloodline” theory of Holy Blood, Holy Grail as an explanation of conflicts within Britain and France in the 11th-18th Centuries. The formation of Masonic and other forms of European occultism, particularly those that emerged from the reintroduction of neo-Platonism by the Medicis is explored, and how this movement interacted, first, in the conflict of the Bourbons (intermarried with the Medicis) and the houses of Lorraine and Guise, and in the Scottish Protestant uprisings, the deposition of the Stuarts and the Hannoverianism succession. This was the beginning of a plot that would fundamentally change Europe, and it did have occult origins – but what wasw the real link to the supposed serpent bloodline?


A. David Icke is right. Sorta.

Actually, David Icke has cobbled together numerous conspiracy theories of dubious value. However, there is something to his general thesis.

In the ancient world, their was an ancient serpent cult. I review its outlines in Centuries and Tradition, without making it the central theme. The modern Jewish faith and “democratic” political movements derive from this ancient serpent cult, and its relatives. Does this reflect a pre-human civilization, or some remnants of other earthly reptiles which survived into the ancient world? I don’t know. I suspect it does. But whether or not any actual reptiles were involved, or interbred with humans, the cult of the serpent was real and widespread in both the Mediterranean and Western Indian Ocean basins.

And, that is not an NS view. ;-D

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“Mormonism, Zionism and the Fetishization of the Constitution” by William White

October 26, 2012

I’m no editor, but I think this essay needs some examples, which I will try to get from Bill. I’m calling it a “draft” and posting it, anyway.

This essay reflects Bill’s Roanoke stay – sitting in the jail, listening to the Glenn Beck and the Jim Sumpter radio shows in the months before the 2012 presidential election.

Mormonism, Zionism and the Fetishization of the Constitution (Draft)
by William White

Mormonism – the religion of the Latter-day Saints revealed, or manufactured, by Joe Smith and associated with the American state of Utah – has become news in the United States , as it is the guiding faith of Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney. Mormonism has also been under attack – often for the wrong reasons, largely by advocates of Romney’s partisan opponent, President Barack Obama. The political position of the Mormon Church – or, the political implications of the Mormon religious doctrine – should be a concern though, for two reasons – one, its fetishization of the U.S. Constitution, and, two, and more importantly, its links to the Zionist and essentially Communist neo-conservative movement in the United States.

Those raised in the Mormon faith are extraordinarily virtuous people. Some fall by the wayside, certainly, but Mormons, in general, are just pleasant people to be around – perpetually happy, industrious, and productive of an idealized American lifestyle that largely disappeared as Jewish power and forced integration deconstructed the rest of the United States in the 20th Century – particularly its last four decades. While this causes mockery of Mr. Romney as a model of the comfortable white lifestyle derisively associated by Communists and minorities with the 1950s, this is not valid grounds for attacking him. America elected a black male begging for change, and we became like him; we could only hope to become like Mr. Romney.

However, two converts to Mormonism – radio hosts Glenn Beck and Jim Sumpter – provide a different view of what ascendant Mormonism may mean to the United States – Mr. Beck being the much more extreme and offensive of the two. Both Beck and Sumpter would be considered on the “Right” side of the political spectrum – Mr. Sumpter being more independent of mainstream political trends of the two. And both seem to have been attracted to Mormonism by one of its central tenants – that the Constitution is not just any legal document, but a divinely inspired creation just short of scripture.

Once upon a time, this view would be admirable. But, at this time, when, the government that emerged from that Constitution is no longer tenable, and any effort within the democratic system to restore that Constitution is impossible, this view limits the actions and perspectives available to those who see the need to overturn the current state of affairs.

As I argue in my book, Centuries of Revolution, the U.S. Constitution was not an ideal or divinely inspired document, but one step – an early, first step – of a descent into decadence, away from traditional European society, and towards the French and Russian Revolutions, and, eventually, internationalist socialism.

In this context, one must understand Beck’s and, to a lesser degree, Sumpter’s anti-Islamic views. Mitt Romney is a personnel friend of Benjamin Netanyahu, and Beck is a vocal champion of Zionist propaganda. Beck daily pushes the notion of equivalence between Zionism and National Socialism, just as he attacks “communism” while praising the Communist Martin Luther King, Jr. Part of this seems to be Beck’s almost total ignorance of history. I recall that my own appearance on his radio show some seven or eight years ago left him speechless; he simply wasn’t equipped to debate actual National Socialism, having practiced only at knocking down straw men.

Similarly, both Beck and Sumpter regularly attack the strawman of the Caliphate. The Caliphate is an Islamic concept, generally associated with the Sunni variant of the faith, and related to the European notion of the Imperium or Holy Rome. However, the broad, three-way division of the Middle East – into an Iranian, a Saudi-Turkish, and Egyptian/Muslim Brotherhood faction – makes any practical realization of a true Islamic Caliphate extremely unlikely into the foreseeable future, short of a regional war that destroys either Saudi Arabia or Iran, and which either destroys Egypt or leaves it conquered by the victor. None of the current Middle Eastern powers currently has the capacity to dominate the others.

More obnoxious is Beck’s linkage of “the Caliphate” to the Europa of National Socialism. Ideologically, he may be closer than he knows, but the real link between National Socialist Europe and modern Islam is that both reflected Traditional societies, healthy and true to their people, which equally oppose both capitalism and international socialism – and thus posed a threat to the Jewish and American and British elites’ New World Order.

The movement against Islam has been manufactured in the past ten years. Its strawmen – the term Islamism, “the Caliphate”, and such – were created whole cloth, very publicly, by Jewish pundits who oppose them. They define nothing real. But, what I find most ironic and amusing, is that this bogus “nationalist chauvinism” – like all products of the Jew, a parody of authentic nationalism – has taken all of the themes of traditional American “anti-Semitism” and, with only minor cosmetic changes, utilized them against Islam.

What has clearly happened is that, in a time of economic decline, when America is facing real economic and racial difficulties, the Jew has found a way to direct white working class anger outwards and away from the real internal factors that threaten white, working class people.

Mr. Sumpter has some understanding of this, though he seems to have little factual understanding of race – one of the failings of his generation. Mr. Beck militantly opposes the mere suggestion of this. And, Mr. Romney comes from a noted anti-racist family. 22,000 genes are known to define humanity; about 2,200 of them vary between the white and the black races. Yet, the naïve children of the 1960s believe we all bleed red – God will grant each of us our own equal planet – and that is enough.

The real concern about Mr. Romney is his Zionism; this is also the real concern about his Mormon faith. American Zionism is an essentially Communist movement derived from Jewish Trotskyism, and the “anti-Communism”, née anti-Stalinism, of the expelled Bolsheviks. One might say American Zionism is the anti-Communism of fools. And, despite their virtues, one has to worry that a Church of people innocent enough to be taken in by the golden plates of Joseph Smith may have been taken in by the arch-deceivers as well.

Matt Hale: Three myths about my case that need to be dispelled

September 7, 2012

Posted here because Matt Hale’s story and Bill White’s story are linked through the “Matt Hale’s Jew-ror” article that Bill White wrote for his National Socialist magazine, Bill’s arrest for threatening the juror that followed soon after the article, and the eventual Chicago trial which ended in Bill White’s acquittal in April 2010.

From the Free Matt Hale website:

“Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Free Matt Hale website. As I am the subject of this endeavor and have the liberty to do so, I thought it appropriate and indeed worthwhile that I personally address you on this site bearing my name. In the main, however, I will let the various legal documents soon to appear on this site speak for themselves, for there is no better evidence of my innocence than the plain facts of my case as remarked upon by these legal documents. Let me though succinctly summarize the facts so that some if not all of the myths about my case may be quickly dispelled as I have longed to do that for many years:

1) I have never, in any respect, solicited the murder of anybody. While that is generally recognized by all objective observers of my case, it bears repeating by yours truly as it is, and has been, commonly but mistakenly held that I was “entrapped”. For entrapment to exist though, the person in question must have, however, ACTUALLY COMMITTED A CRIME but that he was induced to do so by a government informant. Well, quite simply, I was NOT entrapped because I did not commit a crime — the agent provocateur Tony Evola TRIED to get me to do so, but he failed. No entrapment occurred in this case, as outrageous as the government’s conduct certainly was, because Evola solicited ME (not me him) and I simply turned him down.

2) Long before the events giving rise to my arrest on January 8, 2003 occurred, I KNEW THAT EVOLA WAS A GOVERNMENT INFORMANT. This will be surprising news to many of you but this is one of the reasons why this website was created, to finally enable the truth to be told. It was not remotely told at my trial due to dereliction of duty of the lawyers who represented me and for years I was physically restrained from writing you as I am doing now. So let me repeat: I knew that Evola was an FBI informant, quite specifically, at the very time that I supposedly solicited him to murder a federal judge. Did my jury hear the evidence that proved this? No, because my “lawyers” withheld it. Since I knew that Evola was an FBI informant, I obviously, as any rational and sapient person would have to conclude, did not solicit him to commit murder or intend that he did so. The case, or alleged case against me, was built upon the premise that Evola was some kind of trusted confidant or right-hand man and the media and others have repeated that ad nauseam. In reality, Tony was an obvious phony and thus I am obviously innocent.

3) Now for the clincher, if such should be thought necessary: NEITHER EVOLA NOR I WERE EVEN TALKING ABOUT A FEDERAL JUDGE on the key date in question and thus the very foundation of the case –even more than Evola’s status –is a total myth. The widely quoted exchange between Evola and I on December 5, 2002 referred to a “rat, Jew rat”, not a judge and there is overwhelming evidence – -that my jury once again never heard –that this was not a judge at all but rather a lawyer who was involved in the pending trademark case litigation. Thus, not only did I not solicit Evola to murder anybody or intend that he do so, but the alleged target of the alleged solicitation forming the basis for the federal charges, and for which I have been consigned to a 40 year federal prison term, was not a federal judge at all.

I could write more of how my jury (and the public) have been denied critical and conclusive evidence demonstrating my innocence but I believe that I have already revealed enough to shock the conscience of any moral and ethical person. The good and hopeful news is that I have pending a petition for habeas corpus on the basis that my lawyers at trial, by indeed withholding evidence from the jury proving my innocence, violated my Sixth Amendment right to effective assistance of counsel. Many, if not all, of the upcoming legal documents to be posted on this site will be from this pending case for habeas corpus, so I invite you to review them. Please stay tuned, my friends, for the imminent updates to this site that I have indicated. Please also spread the news of this cause of justice itself. My family and I deeply appreciate your support in this ordeal of several lifetimes that we have suffered. We remain unbowed.

Yours truly,

- Rev. Matt Hale”

Source: http://www.freematthale.com/